Friday, September 11, 2009

Review of the Russia House

I'm frankly amazed at myself that I have never done a proper review of the Russia House.

Housed in an old DC building with a lot of character, the restaurant spans several dark, red, moody floors. It is where you take someone when you want your romantic dinner to turn naughty.

Being a Russian restaurant, they have loads of vodka. The best thing to do is get a vodka tasting. They'll bring out an iced tray of shots in whichever flavors you choose. I love the chocolate vodka.

The food is excellent, much to my surprise. My experience with borscht growing up was not a positive one, but theirs was delicious. The duck salad was excellent as well.

Happily, I live within site of the Russia House. Unhappily, I can't afford to eat there too often. That's mostly because eating there means consuming copious amounts of vodka. I don't know though. I think I might be due for a visit.

Russia House, 1800 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC


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  2. I ever drink vodka, but mostly love black label